His House | Celebrating Fifty Years

Troy Andreasen


Though I never participated in His House as a college student, God has used it to impact me in countless ways! God used a different campus ministry to lead me to Him in Christian baptism right after college graduation, and He began to plant seeds of doing campus ministry (seeds that took a long time to germinate!). Two years later, I found myself getting connected with His House at a campus I never even went to (CMU). Four years after that, I found myself on staff! Here are a few of the ways His House has impacted me... I met my wife, Heather, there! As a participant, I got experience leading groups, discipling individuals, planning events, leading trips, and even teaching. I found my career there. I got to plant a new campus (SVSU), and learned to train leaders on a regular basis. His House has led my wife and me on trips to foreign lands and given us a heart to connect with international students at our campus. Heather’s campus house experience at CMU was influential in us experimenting with living in Christian community with students from Saginaw, and that has become a core part of our lives. I’m grateful to God for how much He has used His House in our lives, and humbled to see the people He’s impacted through us being willing to go along with His ideas!