His House | Celebrating Fifty Years

Tarah Eitrem


As a student, His House was a huge part of my college experience. I didn’t become involved until my sophomore year, but every year I was involved brought me closer and closer to Jesus. My dad passed away suddenly during the first semester of my senior year, which threw my life into all sorts of chaos. God, however, remained my rock and my comforter. The day he passed, I remember being surrounded by my His House family that came to the hospital to be there for me. Looking back, I see now what an incredible blessing and support that was to me. My campus minister, Matt, was a huge help during that time, and the close friends that I made through His House remained faithfully by my side. Grief sure is a hard road to navigate and walking with someone through it is hard, but my His House family was constantly there for me, from praying and crying with me to planning fun evenings to remind me to laugh. I am still amazed at the selflessness and love that was shown to me during that time. I’m convinced that His House has the best people around involved and it’s through this ministry that God has shown me more of what real, selfless love is.