His House | Celebrating Fifty Years

Rachael Robenault


His House has had a major impact in my life during college. I was very familiar with the ministry of His House even before moving to Sault Ste. Marie to attend nursing school at LSSU. Since my dad had been a campus minister for His House when I was little, it was only natural that I would get plugged in once I started college. And I am so thankful I did. His House provided me with opportunities to both grow and thrive in my faith. I made countless friends through His House and was able to surround myself with a strong Christian community. These friendships helped me stay strong in my faith while in college and in sorting through all the lies that college and this world threw at me. These friends have also been great for some quality prank wars!

My favorite memories with His House are the spring break mission trips I participated in. My favorite trip was during my sophomore year when we went down to YWAM (Youth With a Mission) in Texas. We spent time there learning more about God and His power and love, while also doing work for the YWAM base and going out to talk to people about God in the city. While there, I realized just how much I had been "putting God in a box" and that He was capable of doing so much more than I could ever imagine. And not only that, but it also became real that God, the creator of the whole universe and who is all powerful, loves me and chose to die for me. I was reminded so many times during that trip of God's love for me through the people, specifically answered prayers, and the way I saw Him working. I also realized that if I allowed Him to, He could use me to share that love. At one point during the trip, we went to a mall with the goal of praying for people and sharing about God with them. I was very nervous as I was not super outgoing and talking to people, especially strangers, really wasn't my thing. My partner and I set out and talked to a few people. But I quickly realized I was going to just rely on my more outgoing partner to do all the talking while I stood there for "moral support". So, I took a big step for me and told my partner that I needed to go talk to someone alone and just asked that she stay a safe distance back so she could still see me. I walked up to a random lady working a booth and asked her if she had anything I could be praying for. That day was the first time I had ever intentionally shared God with someone else. That day I realized God could use even me and that He would give me boldness and the words to say when I needed it, and I took that realization back to college.

My junior year I did a spring break "trip" where we didn't go anywhere but ministered right where we were in the Sault. We did volunteer projects for a different organization every day and did random acts of service, like shoveling driveways, paying for people's groceries, and handing out flowers at nursing homes. My favorite moment of the trip was when we were all at Walmart and we had decided to pay for a couple people. My group choose a random lady and told her we would like to pay for her groceries. She was in shock and immediately started crying. She told us that she had just lost her job that week and money was tight. We were able to pray for her right there in Walmart. And not only that, but the cashier noticed and was asking questions about why we were doing that. It was neat to see that we don't have to leave our town to find opportunities to share God's love. I'm so thankful I was able to have a part in these missions trips and I'm so thankful for His House!