His House | Celebrating Fifty Years

Marlies Buhrer


I have a lot of memories and stories I could tell from my experience with His House, but I’ll stick to only one. In the winter of 2016, I had a few big decisions to make and I was having a hard time figuring out which decision would be the best or even if I was doing the right thing. I kept hearing about the winter retreats that His House would go on, but I hadn’t been on one yet and I kept going back and forth about it. I finally registered to go on the His House Winter Retreat that was held in 2016 and I’m really glad that I did. Through the retreat, I was able to grow closer to some of the people in His House and even made some great connections. I was even able to come to some peace about some of the decisions I needed to make and felt more relaxed and relieved. During the His House retreat, I felt calmer and more at ease and I grew closer to God in just those couple days. It was as if going on the retreat was what I needed to help me realize that God was still with me and He knew the decisions I still needed to make.