His House | Celebrating Fifty Years

Brad Hawes


My life has been completely molded, shaped and changed by His House Christian Fellowship but my story is a little different...

I grew up as part of the first His House at Michigan State University. My dad was the campus minister, my mom, sisters and I attended almost every event. We were surrounded by a bunch of aunts and uncles (the students) who loved us, played with us and taught us many things. We witnessed baptisms in the river, prayer meetings in the campus houses and Easter sunrise services in Beal garden. But most of all we saw how a relationship with Jesus could transform someone’s life completely. We saw the love, the passion, and the purpose that flowed from the lives of students who had given their lives to Jesus. It was exciting and contagious to watch people living radically different than the people all around. These students were heroes in our eyes and this lifestyle of being led by the Holy Spirit was so attractive. This, coupled with the mission of loving others in Jesus name that was constantly held before us by our parents made all the difference in my life. Our family followed my dad, participating and helping where we could, from campus to campus in Michigan starting ministries, and speaking at different churches every Sunday throughout my childhood. I went on to be a part of the fellowship as a student at Michigan State. I lived in Christian community in the campus house, learned to lead Bible studies and was discipled by my campus minister. When he left the summer after my senior year I was chosen to be the next campus minister. As unqualified as I felt I agreed to listen to God and do my best to lead the ministry forward. I have been the campus minister for the last 24 years and nothing has changed...Students are still seeking for meaning in life and those that God brings our way are loved, taught and nurtured toward a life changing, world altering, faith driven relationship with Jesus.