His House | Celebrating Fifty Years

Elizabeth Clark


I developed new skills and was impacted in ways I didn’t expect. I came to NMC with baggage that I was hiding from the people around me, as well as from myself. Both because of and entwined in that, was anxiety. When I’m anxious, I find small ways to comfort myself, often without myself realizing I’m doing it. I was in the basement of East Hall for our His House meeting and had been moving my thumb back and forth across the skin of my opposite arm. Emily Hill reached over and gently stopped the motion with her hand. I was caught off guard. The comfort I felt in that moment overwhelmed me, and all I could do was look into her face. God used Emily’s hand on my arm to still me, to remind me that He sees, that He cares, that He’s there. She took a risk in reaching out and touching me, and in doing that, showed me that she was there for me, that she saw I was struggling, and that she cared. I’ve not forgotten that.

Emily’s husband, and also the campus minister, Pat, taught me to think differently. He challenged me to lead by serving and gave me an example to follow. I learned to engage with people, to learn about them and from them, to challenge them, to encourage them — to help them see their value and giftings. I served on the leadership team, which would not have happened if Pat hadn’t asked me to. This in itself taught me the importance of asking because, like I hadn’t, a lot of people don’t see the needs around them, believe they are wanted, or that they can help. Through His House, I have learned to live ministry-minded and to look for opportunities to serve and for needs that are unmet. I am very grateful to God because of the way He has used Pat and Emily, and many others through this ministry, in my life and that of so many others.