His House | Celebrating Fifty Years

Derek DiCesare


God was on my radar when I came to college, but I did not know how to live a Christian life. Over the course of my time at MSU, I slowly became more and more involved in His House. It started with attending Wednesday night Bible studies (admittedly more for the food, fellowship, and games than for the Bible study). It slowly evolved into me being interested in the Bible, then a relationship with God, and then how to walk out the intersection of the Bible and my life.

By my last semester, I felt God was challenging me to pursue Him in a different way. That call led to me staying at MSU after I graduated and being an intern for a year. During that year, God did a lot of work molding my heart. I felt like a new person who was less focused on myself, more patient, more generous, and, perhaps most importantly, more aware of the spiritual climate of the university campus. I made the decision to join the His House team as an Associate Campus Minister and am now in my 8th year of ministry.