His House | Celebrating Fifty Years

David Morch


I remember entering college with a hazy idea of what living out a Christ-centered life actually looked like. To be honest, coming out of high school I was living a very sinful life where I would get drunk every weekend. I knew that I didn’t want to live in the college dorms my freshman year, so I applied to live at the campus houses. I strongly believe that God intervened in my life to provide the opportunity to live in those houses that first year. My freshman year I was surrounded by other men and women who were my age that were living out the Gospel. It was so different than anything else I had ever seen. I mainly sat back and observed that first year, and I really dived into my own faith for the first time. At the end of that year, I got more and more involved until my senior year, when I realized God was calling me to do ministry full time. I have seen God continually work in countless students' lives using that kid who had no interest in ministry, let alone had considered it as a profession, when he stepped on the college campus.