His House | Celebrating Fifty Years

Ben Andrews


How can I share what His House means to me (and others) with a short story?…I can’t. When I think of His House, I think of the scared girl who found out she was pregnant. That girl was loved and supported well – she is now an amazing mom. I think of the guy who attempted to end it all one night, but we were able to come alongside him so he could find life. He is now married with kids and thriving. I think of the Muslim international student who told me the best years of his life were spent at His House. I think of the countless students who have given their lives to Jesus and forever been changed. I think of the extended family we have because that’s what God has made us – a family. I think of the lonely, anxious boy that I was when I started school and how God met me where I was…how he used His House and the people there to bring me to a place of maturity and peace….and forever change my life for the better. In many ways His House has saved my life and others. I love what God has done here and is continuing to do here.