His House | Celebrating Fifty Years

Adam Steinhauer


I met Luke (pictured above) and eventually asked him if he’d be interested in coming to His House. He was fairly opposed to church-related activities but was very enthusiastic about being able to go to the gym on campus and lift weights. I also thought that sounded like fun and joined him whenever I could. After spending some time together, he told me about how he saw God as distant and uninterested in him. Suddenly, opportunities arose for me to share truth with him. He even allowed me the time to share the gospel with him more completely outside of the gym. Having a tough time transitioning away from home and to a much smaller area, he told me that he didn’t have many people to spend time with, but that I am one of the few that he does. I didn’t anticipate this. I never would have thought a grumpy guy who only wanted to lift weights would eventually call me his friend. God managed to use an interest that was unique to me to reach someone unique to Him. God is surely at work in Luke’s life, and I desperately hope I get to see him come to realize that God is far closer than he may think.