His House | Celebrating Fifty Years

Steve & Martha Larson


When I think of His House and how we were blessed by the ministry in the 1970’s, a number of things come to mind. His House was a great introduction to body life as we worshiped together at least twice a week, as well as shared a weekly Sunday evening meal. Body life together also included some work days, retreats, and canoeing down the Pine River.

Most importantly, I met my future wife, Martha, at His House. We became friends at the weekly meetings, shared a canoe on the river, and eventually began dating. Gary Hawes performed our wedding ceremony in June of 1976. Many friends from His House helped in our wedding. The ministry was good preparation for our involvement and ministry with Bella Vista Church in Rockford, Michigan and for working 32 years as inner-city missionaries with World Impact in Newark, New Jersey.