His House | Celebrating Fifty Years

Scott Austin

The summer before I came to Michigan State as a freshman, I received a postcard in the mail from Amy Jo Van Arsdall inviting me to His House. I was already looking for something Christian to get involved with, but I didn’t really know anything about campus ministry. So I attended the Sunday night meeting the day before classes started, and I never stopped.

Through His House, I learned that the Bible was God’s Word, our authority (a new revelation even to someone who had grown up in the church!), and I followed the example of others in His House and made it my goal to spend time reading the Bible every day.

Also through His House, I gained a direction and purpose in life that I had never had before – I didn’t really know who I was or why I was here or even what was most valuable in life.

But the greatest thing that happened because of my involvement in His House was that my heart was prepared to be transformed by Jesus. My pride, my self-reliance, and my selfish outlook on life were confronted by Jesus, and a transformation began that has continued to this day.