His House | Celebrating Fifty Years

Lauren Slack


I am finding it difficult to choose just one of the many memories I have of my time with Northern’s His House. Living at the girl’s house, pulling pranks, road trips, Bible studies, worship, etc! To me, His House has been a place of encouragement, fellowship, and fun. A place where people want to get to know you and encourage you to get to know God. I feel incredibly thankful that, after becoming a Christian just a few months before starting college, I got plugged into His House right away my first year at NMU. I feel like God was looking out for me, as well as the ladies I met at the meetings, by encouraging me to learn more about God’s Word. Without this, I think it would have been easy for me to be swayed into a college lifestyle where I didn’t include/want God.

One of my favorite memories was being involved with Ministry to the Point (at Cedar Point during the summer). Without the hindrance of school work, this was a special time of Bible studies, fellowship, pizza and bowling, rollercoaster rides, and getting to know people who were from many different places around the world. It was a wild ride of having roommates that you spent time with and got to know well even with only being able to speak a few words to one another that broke through the language barrier. This was a summer of trusting God and praying that if He willed it, I would have the opportunity to share the gospel, which I myself just recently learned, with someone else. It was also a summer of learning how much God loves his children from every part of the world.

I am thankful for my college years at His House and the many memories that come with it!