His House | Celebrating Fifty Years

Joe Hogoboom

To say that His House has made an impact on my life is both an understatement as well as an overstatement. God has changed my life, and used His House as the avenue to do that. I grew up in a Christian home, went to church weekly, attended multiple events with youth group, service opportunities, dinners, and whatever else there was. But it wasn’t until His House that I really learned about my relationship with God and how to cultivate a connection with Him, instead of striving to make Him like me because of all the stuff I was doing. He also surrounded me with people who wanted the same thing.

The members of my His House family were people who I could count on when things were tough. They were there for me. They kicked me in the pants when I needed it. They wanted my input. It is as close to living like the church as described in Acts 2 as we can get in our current cultural climate. Now I work with His House as an Associate at Ferris State University, which allows me to have a front row seat to seeing God do the same things in students’ lives each day.