His House | Celebrating Fifty Years

Heather Andreasen


Fifty years and going strong! I’ve had the privilege of being a part of this ministry for 25 of those years!

I first came to CMU the fall of 1994. His House was THE campus ministry that welcomed me with open arms. The following summer, I lived in the women’s house at CMU and enjoyed community with women I am still friends with to this day. I met my husband, Troy, in this ministry, and we both became very involved. Troy began interning in 1997, became an associate at CMU in 1998, began the His House at SVSU in 1999, and has been at SVSU for the past 20 years! I went to CMU to obtain a Business Degree—little did I know I would be using it in full-time campus ministry in MANY ways for the next 20+ years!

God has shown us very strongly the value of Christian community, enough so that we have had the privilege of living life in our home with 36 students in the past 16 years. We also have begun renting two other houses to students to live their lives in Christian community! Another HUGE lesson God has taught us is that He brings the nations directly to US right here on campus. We LOVE reaching out to international students and being their family away from home!

God has blessed us immensely through this campus ministry. Let’s go for 50+ more!!!