His House | Celebrating Fifty Years

Corin Wenger


Entering college, life was difficult for me. I didn't know anyone or have any connections in the area. I withered in my dorm room. I felt alone. And I didn't really want to look at God very closely either. Things stayed like that: very painful. For a while…

God found ways to confront me through a church community I reluctantly was drawn to--a group of people called His House--and the conviction of the Holy Spirit. At His House, I slowly made friends and felt accepted and welcomed. Then, a mentor found me, and through our conversations, God worked a process of uncovering wounds, cleaning them out, and beginning a healing process in my life. Praise the Lord! I can say that God really has changed my life during my time at NMC, and I am grateful for the significant part HHCF has played. It's a place of worship, learning, serving, growing, and fellowship, and I miss it now that I have graduated.