His House | Celebrating Fifty Years

Aaron Miller


His House is tough for me to describe. I gained friends that I’ll never lose, I cemented my relationship with my Creator, and I was able to walk together with many other believers trying to get through college, through work, and through life.

This picture doesn’t just represent a sign. For me, it represents what was a very tough year for me. I worked for His House as a student maintenance worker of sorts, and I worried about what seemed like everything. Ben Andrews made me read a lot that year and helped me to realize that worry is not king over me. That has always been a process, but I’ll always look back at that particular year, my sophomore year from 2007-2008, as a really tough one, but a formative one. I love that His House challenged me.

I was lucky enough to grow up in the church, in a loving Christian family, and with a whole support system of other Christians surrounding me. I was born and raised a blessed man. However, I consider myself just as blessed to have found a campus ministry to latch onto in my college years. Without that, who knows where I’d be today? His House presented a beautiful, clear picture of salvation and what living in Christ was like to believers and new believers alike. Do you have to be part of a body of believers like His House? NO! You get to!