His House | Celebrating Fifty Years

Katie Martin


“One of my favorite student testimonies is about Katie Martin’s time at His House. She started by attending His House early on in college, but was still trying to figure out what a relationship with God meant. The next year, we started to meet up, and I sat down and shared the gospel with her. She was a bit on the fence about the commitment, but stayed involved and continued growing. She was on the club softball team as well, which normally meant tournaments kept her busy on the weekends. There was a tournament scheduled during the Fall Retreat; she really wanted to attend the retreat but couldn’t miss the tournament. I told her to pray about it and that I would also pray, trusting that God could open a door. Then, out of the blue, her tournament was cancelled on the Thursday night right before the retreat. A friend donated some money to pay for her to go, so we signed her up the day before we left. A mutual friend, Rachel, felt led to give a cross necklace she had brought to the retreat to Katie specifically and to share some encouraging words with her.

The whole weekend, Katie was blown away by how God literally opened every single door for her to get there - financially, finding a ride, having the time to go, sending encouragement, etc. During the invitation time, the speaker, Matt Schantz, said that if someone was in the very back row, on the upper left-hand side (he even pointed), and if they needed to crawl over people in order to come down, then they ought to respond to what God was calling them to do. Guess where Katie was sitting? She made her way down and was baptized that night.

After that weekend, Katie was plugged into a Bible study and began growing and asking questions. She has since graduated college and is now engaged to a godly man and is honoring God with her life. It was so great to see God drawing her to Himself over a span of time and to witness that very evidently at the Fall Retreat, but it’s even better to see her continuing to grow.”

- Story told by Matt Monroe