His House | Celebrating Fifty Years

Matt Monroe


I started out with His House as a student at CMU where I didn't have much purpose or direction. Through different friends and staff at His House, I learned what a real relationship with God through Jesus Christ looked like. I gave my life over to Jesus entering my senior year and became more involved with serving rather than just attending. Being challenged by a friend, I did a two year internship at CMU His House instead of pursuing a job with my business degree. I didn't know what was ahead, but I knew that God had called me for that time of my life to serve at His House.

After the internship, I came on staff full time as an Associate Campus Minister where I raised funds in order to keep serving Christ on campus. Again, I was pursuing the Lord's leading and that's where it led. After that third year, I felt the call of God to pursue a Campus Minister role with His House on a different campus - Lake Superior State University. Although not the biggest fan of winter, driving over the bridge, or moving to a school without football, I knew that's where God was leading. I've been there until this day reaching out with the love of Jesus Christ to college students who desperately need God in their life. It's an honor to serve the Lord on campus, even when our plans change and we go places we never thought we would!