His House Stories

Take a look into the life stories of His House alumni whose lives were changed in radical and unexpected ways by the powerful love of God.

Stories from Students, Alumni, and Staff

God has done so much in so many lives on Michigan campuses over the past fifty years. Maybe He’s accomplished amazing things in your life as well? If so, we’d love to hear your story and see a throwback photo of you on campus or even a photo of you now. Use our story form to share an experience that defines your time at His House.



Steve & Martha Larson

Michigan State University

When I think of His House and how we were blessed by the ministry in the 1970’s, a number of things come to mind. His House was a great introduction to body life as we worshiped together at least twice a week, as well as shared a weekly Sunday evening meal. Body life together also included some work days, retreats, and canoeing down down the Pine River.

Most importantly, I met my future wife Martha at His House. We became friends at the weekly meetings, shared a canoe on the river, and eventually began dating. Gary Hawes performed our wedding ceremony in June of 1976. Many friends from His House helped in our wedding. The ministry was good preparation for our involvement and ministry with Bella Vista Church in Rockford, Michigan and working 32 years as inner-city missionaries with World Impact in Newark, New Jersey.


Matt Monroe

Central Michigan University

I started out with His House as a student at CMU where I didn't have much purpose or direction. Through different friends and staff at His House, I learned what a real relationship with God through Jesus Christ looked like. I gave my life over to Jesus entering my senior year and became more involved with serving rather than just attending. Being challenged by a friend, I did a two year internship at CMU His House instead of pursuing a job with my business degree. I didn't know what was ahead, but I knew that God had called me for that time of my life to serve at His House.

After the internship, I came on staff full time as an Associate Campus Minister where I raised funds in order to keep serving Christ on campus. Again, I was pursuing the Lord's leading and that's where it led. After that third year, I felt the call of God to pursue a Campus Minister role with His House on a different campus - Lake Superior State University. Although not the biggest fan of winter, driving over the bridge, or moving to a school without football, I knew that's where God was leading. I've been there until this day reaching out with the love of Jesus Christ to college students who desperately need God in their life. It's an honor to serve the Lord on campus, even when our plans change and we go places we never thought we would!


Lauren Slack

Northern Michigan University

I am finding it difficult to choose just one of the many memories I have of my time with Northern’s His House. Living at the girl’s house, pulling pranks, road trips, Bible studies, worship, etc! To me, His House has been a place of encouragement, fellowship, and fun. A place where people want to get to know you and encourage you to get to know God. I feel incredibly thankful that, after becoming a Christian just a few months before starting college, I got plugged into His House right away my first year at NMU. I feel like God was looking out for me, as well as the ladies I met at the meetings, by encouraging me to learn more about God’s Word. Without this, I think it would have been easy for me to be swayed into a college lifestyle where I didn’t include/want God. One of my favorite memories was being involved with Ministry to the Point (at Cedar Point during the summer). Without the hindrance of school work, this was a special time of Bible studies, fellowship, pizza and bowling, roller-coaster rides, and getting to know people who were from many different places around the world. It was a wild ride of having roommates that you spent time with and got to know well even with only being able to speak a few words to one another that broke through the language barrier. This was a summer of trusting God and praying that if He willed it, I would have the opportunity to share the gospel, which I myself just recently learned, with someone else. It was also a summer of learning how much God loves his children from every part of the world. I am thankful for my college years at His House and the many memories that come with it!


Katie Martin

Lake Superior State University

One of my favorite student testimonies is about Katie Martin’s time at His House. She started by attending His House early on in college, but was still trying to figure out what a relationship with God meant. The next year, we started to meet up and I sat down and shared the gospel with her. She was a bit on the fence about the commitment, but stayed involved and continued growing. She was on the club softball team as well, which normally meant tournaments kept her busy on the weekends. There was a tournament scheduled during the Fall Retreat, which she really wanted to attend, but couldn’t miss the tournament. I told her to pray about it and that I would also pray, trusting that God could open a door. Then, out of the blue, her tournament was cancelled on the Thursday night right before retreat. A friend donated some money to pay for her to go, so we signed her up the day before retreat. When she arrived at the retreat on Friday night, our mutual friend Rachel brought a cross necklace with her and felt led to give it to Katie specifically and shared some encouraging words with her. The whole weekend Katie was blown away by how God literally opened every single door for her to get there - financially, finding a ride, having the time to go, sending encouragement, etc. During the invitation time, the speaker, Matt Schantz, said that if someone was in the very back row, on the upper left hand side (he even pointed) and if they needed to crawl over people in order to come down, then that they ought to respond to what God was calling them to do. Guess where Katie was sitting? She made her way down and was baptized that night. After that weekend Katie was plugged in to bible study and began growing and asking questions. She has since graduated college and is now engaged to a godly man and is honoring God with her life. It was so great to see God drawing her to Himself over a span of time and to witness that very evidently at Fall Retreat, but it’s even better to see her continuing to grow.


Kevin Briere

Michigan State University

During my sophomore year at MSU, I met a few guys from His House while playing basketball. Eric Clancy, an associate campus minister at the time, asked me about my spiritual background and invited me to check out a His House gathering. It was quite different than what I experienced before because everybody wanted to be there and they were singing passionately about their love for God and God’s love for them. I started meeting with Eric to read the Bible and talk about life. I developed many friendships with others in His House and began to seek God. At the Winter Retreat in 2005, God opened my eyes to see the difference between the path I was on and the path to Him. Later that year I was baptized into Christ in the Red Cedar River on Michigan State’s campus. The picture is from Winter Retreat 2006, where I returned as a small group leader and is one of the many opportunities I had to invest in other students. God used experiences like this to stir up in my heart a passion for campus ministry, a passion that has yet to fade!


Aaron Miller

Western Michigan University

His House is tough for me to describe. I gained friends that I'll never lose, I cemented my relationship with my Creator, and I was able to walk together with many other believers trying to get through college, through work, and through life. This picture doesn't just represent a sign. For me, it represents what was a very tough year for me. I worked for His House as a student maintenance worker of sorts and I worried about what seemed like everything. Ben Andrews made me read a lot that year and helped me to realize that worry is not king over me. That has always been a process, but I'll always look back at that particular year, my sophomore year from 2007-2008, as a really tough one, but a formative one. I love that His House challenged me. I was lucky enough to grow up in the church, in a loving Christian family, and with a whole support system of other Christians surrounding me. I was born and raised a blessed man. However, I consider myself just as blessed to have found a campus ministry to latch onto in my college years. Without that, who knows where I'd be today? His House presented a beautiful, clear picture of salvation and what living in Christ was like to believers and new believers alike. Do you have to be part of a body of believers like His House? NO! You get to!


Emily Veltri

Western Michigan University

Walking on the campus of Western Michigan University in the fall of 2004, I had been looking for a Christian group to get involved with as a freshman. I desired to have a community, to have friends with that shared my values, and I wanted to grow in my faith. At WMU, "the flagpoles" are in the middle of campus. Many student groups will be there in the beginning of the semester to promote their groups and meet students. His House was there one fall day in 2004 where I met Scott Crary. He seemed very genuine and cared about me. I went to the His House weekly fellowship meeting that Thursday, and the rest is history! I was drawn to the community. This is such an important element of His House and, I believe, in God's Kingdom. People cared for one another, they read the Bible and sought Scripture together, and prayed for and with one another. I am now starting my 10th year on staff with His House, and have continued to strive to invite people into this community and relationship with Jesus. This picture was fall 2016- continuing to meet students at the flagpoles. The very place I had my first encounter with His House!